Mark is originally from the Southwestern United States. His animation experience extends to work for projects that encompass interactive and game animation, commercials, animated and live-action VFX feature films. He has worked on performance interactive animation in laser-light for rock concerts, design and execution of computer generated imagery (CGI) for television in Japan, was the lead artist doing sequence direction and animation for Alien Trilogy a Playstation2 game (the first PS2 game to use motion capture), crowd simulation at DreamWorks Feature Animation on the Prince of Egypt among other projects and visual effects for feature films at Rhythm and Hues Studios Los Angeles. He is currently founding faculty for the first professional art school in Singapore, the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), a top South East Asian research university. He is debut as a director is with [Vengeance+Vengeance].

Mark works in synthetic sculpture, motion characterization, storytelling forms in popular culture, exploring visual and behavioral representation in animation. His professional work includes interactive animation, feature animation and live-action visual effects for feature films.

Research Interests:
Mark interests are in emergent computer animation techniques including synthetic sculpture, motion and related forms in popular culture, in characterization and storytelling with real-time and rendered imagery exploring visual and behavioral representation in animation; including the creation of intelligent animated forms both character and environmental with richness in personality and emotive evocative states that are flexible enough to respond to the viewer within a predetermined and simulated performance.

Mark has been involved with 3 major research projects while at ADM totaling close to 5 million Singapore dollars. As Primary Investigator his currently funded National Research Foundation (NRF) project, "Cinematics and Narratives: Creating Stories within Real-Time Visual Toolsets," an interdisciplinary research project resulted in the film [Vengeance+Vengeance]. With a team of from Nanyang Technological University's College of Engineering, the School of Communications and Information as well as the School of Art, Design and Media, and industrial collaborators from NUS and Dreamworks Feature Animation, the research goal was the creation of a cinema system that adapts the narrative output to the emotional reaction of the viewer. The end result is an interactive movie that once complete as an interactive experiment was output to a final its final published state.

He is currently launching into a large collaboration within the university leading a portion of the research focused on designing new works in interactive media in a game design think tank